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Electronic Services

Maintenance of Laboratory Instrumentation

The service includes, but is not restricted to, the following list of instruments.

  1. UV/VIS, IR, Fluorescence, AA spectrophotometry
  2. Radiation counting
  3. Ultra-centrifugation
  4. Low-speed preparative centrifugation
  5. Clinical centrifugation
  6. Particle counting
  7. Chromatography
  8. General laboratory measurement instrumentation, e.g., pH, physiograph, recorder, etc.
  9. Environmental maintenance instrumentation, e.g., growth chambers, incubators, waterbaths, shakers, etc.
  10. Refrigeration, low temperature incubators, freezers and ultralow freezers.
  11. General mechanical laboratory equipment, e.g., vortex, stir, hot plate, etc.
  12. Autoclaves
  13. Microscopes (technicians factory trained)
  14. Balances (technicians factory trained)
  15. Audio/visual (excluding office equipment)


BSF maintains an extensive stock of replacement supplies for use with general laboratory instrumentation.

  1. Instrument lamps
  2. Recycled printer toner cartridges

Instrument Development

BSF provides assistance in instrument development allowing for current time constraints. Development is defined as either modifications to in-house equipment which would make that instrument unique, or construction of a unique instrument not currently available from the marketplace.

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